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Vanilla Paste: A Very Interesting Product for a Deep Vanilla Flavor,

The ultimate choice for infusing a rich and robust vanilla aroma into your culinary creations is the complete vanilla bean, including the exquisite Bourbon Vanilla Paste. This high-quality vanilla paste, available from reputable sellers, is an excellent alternative to vanilla beans, offering a more affordable and convenient option for enhancing your dishes. Sold in small tubes and bottles in the pastry aisle, it promises a refined culinary experience with each use.

What is Vanilla Paste?

Bourbon Vanilla Paste is a vanilla product characterized by its thicker texture. Crafted from vanilla extract and vanilla powder, it stands out for its exceptional quality when using vanilla from Madagascar, specifically the Planifolia vanilla. This variety ensures a luxurious and intense fragrance, achieved by combining vanilla extract, unspent vanilla powder, sugar, water, and gum arabic – a natural thickening agent. The resulting product has a syrup-like consistency with distinct black specks, a testament to the inclusion of whole vanilla beans.

What is the Purpose of Vanilla Paste?

Similar to other vanilla products like vanilla beans, vanilla extract, and vanilla powder, Bourbon Vanilla Paste is a natural and pure vanilla enhancer. Acting as both a flavoring agent and a confirmation of natural vanilla through the presence of vanilla pulp, it delivers an intense and deep vanilla aroma to your recipes.

What’s the Secret of bourbon vanilla paste?

The secret behind the excellence of Bourbon Vanilla Paste lies in the use of Madagascar’s Planifolia vanilla. This 100% natural product involves hydroalcoholic extraction of vanilla pods and powder, blended with water, sugar, and gum arabic. The latter, derived from tree sap, serves as a natural thickener, contributing to the paste’s luxurious thickness.

How to Use Vanilla Paste?

Bourbon Vanilla Paste is versatile and can be used in both cold and hot preparations. It seamlessly integrates into cold dishes like yogurt, creams, whipped cream, fruit salads, cocktails, and more. In hot preparations such as pastries, rice pudding, creams, cookies, and savory recipes, it dissolves effortlessly, providing a consistent vanilla flavor.

How to Facilitate the Dosage of vnilla paste ?

Given its thick consistency, it is recommended to facilitate the dosage of Bourbon Vanilla Paste by warming the spoon slightly or dipping it in hot water. Generally, half a teaspoon is sufficient to flavor pastries and desserts, while a full teaspoon can be used for a more pronounced vanilla taste. For optimum results, one teaspoon (5g) of vanilla paste per liter or in pastry dough is recommended.

What are the Advantages of Using Vanilla Paste?

Bourbon Vanilla Paste combines the best of both vanilla beans and vanilla extract. It imparts a deep aroma with visible vanilla specks, enhancing the appeal of all desserts. As a user-friendly ingredient, it offers the convenience of vanilla extract while being an economical solution to elevate the flavor of various recipes – sweet and savory alike.

What are the Substitutes for Vanilla Paste?

When Vanilla Paste is unavailable, vanilla extract is a suitable substitute, with one teaspoon equal to half a teaspoon of paste. Vanilla powder (unspent) can also be used in the same proportion. However, vanilla sugar lacks the potency found in vanilla paste and is not recommended as a substitute.

How to Store Vanilla Paste?

Packaged in resealable plastic tubes or bottles, it should be stored in its original sealed packaging for optimal freshness. Keep it at room temperature in a dry place, shielded from light and heat, to preserve its quality. With only a small amount needed to enhance the flavors of desserts or savory dishes, Bourbon Vanilla Paste can be stored for an extended period.

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