Le Vanillier Madagascar



Frequently Asked Questions.

01. Order Vanilla Bean Online

When do I receive my order?

When placing the order, a day of shipment is indicated. After the order has been placed, the same delivery time will also be stated on the order confirmation. It is therefore never possible that during the order, the shipping day on the website, is different than on the order confirmation.

I now see the longer delivery time of (a part of) my order. How can I cancel it?
If the order has a longer delivery time than you had previously seen, it is of course possible to cancel (a part of) the order. For this you can contact our customer service. They will cancel the order for you. The purchase amount will be back on your bank account within two working days. When an order has already been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.
When will I receive the invoice for my order?
When you have paid for the order, you will not automatically receive an invoice for your order. If you wish to receive an invoice, this can be done in two ways.The first way is through your account at our store. When you log in to your account you can see your orders and download the invoice.

02. Vanilla Bean Order By Phone

When do I receive my order if I order By Phone ?

Most of the time, we require the customer to pay his/her order online. Then only we can come to deliver the goods at the place you mentionned as delivery address during your checkout. However, there are some cases when we can come to deliver the goods without prior payment. Please check with us if your criteria meets our requirements. 

How Can I pay you if I meet the cretaria you can deliver me without upfront payment ? 

We come to your place, once there, we will send to you a payment request link if you decide to pay in other currencies than Malagasy Ariary. You can pay with International credit/debit cards. You can pay us with Malagasy Ariary, too by cash. We will ask you your payement option in advance. 

When will I receive the invoice for my order?

The delivery company will bring to you an invoice related to your purchase. Once you’ve paid to them the amount of the purchase, they will automatically give you the invoice. However, if they fail to do so, please, do not hesitate to ask them your invoice.