Vanilla Extract 50ml 3 Fold


Vanilla extract is made by soaking vanilla beans in a mixture of water and ethyl alcohol. The extract gets its signature vanilla flavor from a molecule called vanillin found in vanilla beans. Pure flavor – Quality ingredients. Adapted to cooking and pastry applications. Completely natural, no GMO, gluten free.

Content : Vanilla Extract 50ml
Ingredients : Alcool ethyl, water, sugar
Packaging : Bottle PET 50ml

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What is pure vanilla extract?

The vanilla extract is the vanilla product that undergoes the least transformation after the vanilla powder. It is the most versatile vanilla product that can be found on the market. It is used by agri-food manufacturers, professional mouth professionals, and also individuals. This vanilla subsidiary is easier to incorporate in the preparations. This product is obtained by the percolation or maceration of vanilla beans in a hydro-alcoholic solution of at least 35% alcohol. Other vanilla extract productions use glycerin instead of alcohol. But using glycerine are usually a little more expensive.

How to process this vanilla aroma?

Producers and processing industries use cold or hot extraction methods. The cold extraction method is usually longer and more expensive. It keeps all the aromas of vanilla clove after processing. The vanilla pods contains more than 300 aromatic compounds. The hot extraction method accelerates the extraction process. This extraction process, however, has a risk of letting certain volatile aromas escape.

What is an imitation this product ?

An imitation of vanilla extract is usually vanillin of synthesis. It is an artificial vanilla aroma, whose main component is chemical vanillin. Vanillin produced synthetically has the same molecular structure as natural vanillin in vanilla beans. The difference between vanilla extract and synthetic vanillin rests on the aroma itself. It takes over the hundreds of aromatic compounds present in the vanilla pod. This aromatic complexity of vanilla is not found in imitation products. The rise in the price of vanilla over the last few years has made popular this synthetic product with usual users of vanilla aroma. Some people use synthesis vanillin for color-sensitive recipes. But vanilla powder is an excellent substitute for synthesis vanillin for these recipes.


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