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Vanilla in Glass Tube


The black vanilla pod is a high quality quality that is characterized by a high humidity (> to 25%), high vanillin level (> to 2%), rather rare, fat, flexible, black color pulling towards brown , chocolate perfume, weight of 3 to 5 grams, length of 14 to 20 cm. The black vanilla is perfect for gourmet cuisine. It is also very sought after professionals and specialists of demanding gourmets, hence his name “Vanilla Gourmet”.

Length: 6-8 inches (15-19 cm)
Number of Beans: 5 Beans
Packaging : Glass Tube of 20cm
Moisture Content: 32-38%
Dietary: Gluten Free, Non-GMO

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How to recognize a black vanilla pod ?

For consumers, the choice of Gourmet black vanilla pod is not so obvious despite bean classifications according to their quality. Recall that the quality of pods influences their use. This brings us back to determine the criteria to recognize a good vanilla beans. The vanilla quality of Madagascar is characterized by its uniform color, varying from light brown to dark brown. Good pod preparation makes it possible to obtain a flexible, greasy, shiny and fragrant vanilla, with subtle notes. It should also be believed that the quality of pods varies depending on the place, production, preparation and refining. It is for this reason that the vanilla of Madagascar retains a unique quality even after years in an airtight container, without adding rum or sugar.

Frosted vanilla or crystallized

The “crystallization” of vanilla pods is a rather rare phenomenon that reflects the quality of black vanilla bean Gourmet, so it is therefore confused with the mold foam that can develop if the cods are poorly dried. Frosted vanilla is a sign of great wealth in natural vanillin. The latter turns into crystals when conserving beans. Nevertheless, its aroma does not show up improved. It is therefore necessary to ensure the origin of the pods and the seriousness of the seller by facing frosted black vanilla to avoid fraud. Indeed, some sellers do not hesitate to immerse the pods of mediocre quality in an artificial vanilline bath to obtain this crystallization with the sparkling reflection on and between the pods and sell them at a much higher price.

Low Quality vanilla pod

We generally recognize a bad cod, that is to say a low quality vanilla, by the following criteria: dry, hard, fine, little fat to the touched and dull color. Poor vanilla comes mainly from poor preparation, prematurity harvest or poor conservation. A drunk black vanilla clove is lower in vanillin, the aroma is more erased. A poorly prepared vanilla pod is characterized by a pod full of juice, little wrinkled and swollen. By pressing it between the fingers, the cod is sipped with a cooked green bean. As a result, the cod is also unstable in aroma than in conservation. This increases the risk of developing an odor of rancor, fermentation or mold. These signs are also found in a vanilla bean too dry that has been rehydrated with water, alcohol or flavor of synthetic vanillin.

Vanilla Planifolia in Glass tube

Vanilla Planifolia, also known as Vanilla Fragrans, is at the origin of vanilla bean as we are currently experiencing it. This variety was originally cultivated in Central America before winning the world, mainly in Indonesia and in the old settlements of the Indian Ocean. Moreover, Bourbon Black vanilla pod is renowned in the world for its quality. This production comes from vanilling of the Indian Ocean, the appellation is drawn from the former name of the Island of the Reunion. This is where the first van trees have been introduced before arriving on the east coast of Madagascar, passing through Nosy BE.

Where to buy vanilla bean online in Madagascar ?

The northeast coast of Madagascar is the main Black vanilla production area in the world. The city of Sambava is nicknamed the capital of Vanilla. The majority of Vanilla Planifolia’s global production comes from Madagascar. The whole production of Madagascar vanilla pod, the island of Reunion, the Archipelago of the Comoros and Seychelles benefit from the Bourbon appellation. It is a label filed in 1964 to differentiate the pods originating from the Indian Ocean of South America, Indonesia and some African countries.

Vanilla PlaniFolia, mainly Vanilla Bourbon, has features that gives it exceptional quality: dark black color, soft, fat, shiny, hot aroma and delicate, very floral with cocoa notes, high vanillin levels, 18-24 cm long.

Quality and use of vanilla

Gourmet black vanilla pod are used in various forms and according to their quality. The cod vanilla that is used in the state is called “vanilla mouth”. This high quality vanilla is usually intended for the kitchen for the preparation of desserts, ice cream and desserts. The professional and high-end cuisine professionals also use it for confectionery, pastry and chocolate. Some black vanilla pods are turned into dye or infusions for fine perfumery and cosmetics. Others are transformed into extract or oleoresin, say “vanilla extraction”. They are reserved for the agri-food industry for the aromatization of various Alime products.

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