Vanilla Paste 50ML


Ideal for everything from classic vanilla ice cream, crème fraiche, panna cotta, crème brulee and much, much more. Use our vanilla paste whenever you want to not just taste genuine vanilla flavour but also to see the seeds, suspended and visible in your foodie creation!

The paste form ensures an even distribution of visible vanilla seeds, which means that everything you make will look and taste beautiful.

  • Vanilla paste made from Madagascar bourbon vanilla
  • Contains pure vanilla seeds combined with cold pressed vanilla extract
  • Comes with a mess free dispenser pump
  • Contains alcohol

Net Weight : 50ml

Ingredients : Pure Vanilla bean, inverted sugar, alcohol, vanilla oleoresin

Store in a cool, dry and ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results

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What is vanilla paste?

Vanilla paste is a more dilute form of vanilla extract. It is a mixture of vanilla extract and vanilla seeds. This product is preferred for its thick aspect. Our  Vanilla paste contains thickening agent such as gum and sugar. This product is generally sold more expensive than vanilla extract due to its intense flavor preferred by all pastries.


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