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Thanks to the exploration of vanilla paste, it emerges as a captivating ingredient, surpassing the allure of vanilla extract. With heightened aromatic and concentrated qualities, this paste proves versatile in various recipes. Despite its distinctive attributes, vanilla pod paste hasn’t gained the popularity of other vanilla products, underscoring the need for recognition of its unique qualities. Discover more at levanillier.com.

What is Vanilla Pod Paste?

It, a pure vanilla product, possesses a high concentration of vanilla aroma. It includes ground vanilla pods, vanilla extract, and a natural thickening agent. The last ingredient is introduced during the discovery of vanilla paste to create a much thicker paste than the usual vanilla extract. As a result, it can be integrated into any recipe that typically calls for vanilla extract.  It is not only more economical than vanilla pods but also much more aromatic than vanilla extract. The presence of vanilla seeds in the paste indicates the use of real vanilla in recipes. It is widely employed in pastry, bakery, dairy, and even savory dishes, imparting an intense vanilla flavor to cakes, cookies, creams, ice creams, caramels, fruit salads, beverages, infusions, and cocktails.

Where Does the Vanilla Used for Making Vanilla Pastes Come From?

The vanilla utilized for producing vanilla pastes hails from countries such as Madagascar, Reunion, Mexico, Indonesia, Tahiti, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, India, and Uganda. Most vanillas are exported as vanilla pods, with only a small portion being locally processed before being exported as vanilla products. A significant share of the production is exported to the United States and Europe, predominantly to Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Vanilla, once transformed into vanilla extract or it, is subsequently re-exported globally to agri-food industries, culinary professionals, and retailers.

Where to Buy Vanilla Paste?

For the purchase of it, online fine grocery stores offer high-quality and reliable products. Some online shops specialize in vanilla sales, offering various vanilla products such as pods, extract, paste, powder, and vanilla sugar.

Which Vanilla Paste to Choose?

When selecting vanilla paste, it’s crucial to recognize that all vanilla pastes are not identical. They come with varying concentrations, and the brand is a pivotal criterion. Some well-established vanilla product manufacturers include Nielsen Massey Vanillas, McCormick & Company, Adams Extract, C.F. Sauer Company, Dr. Oetker, Frontier Natural Products, Madécasse, Penzeys Spices, Spice Islands, and Watkins Incorporated.

Popular vanilla pastes are crafted with vanilla from Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia, and Tahiti. The one from Madagascar, in particular, is highly fragranced. The ground pods are incorporated into vanilla extract and sugar-based syrup with a natural thickening agent. Madagascar vanilla pods, known as Bourbon vanilla, develop a delicate fragrance with floral and cocoa notes, rendering them suitable for vanilla bakery and pastry recipes.

What Is Madagascar Vanilla Paste?

Vanilla is a highly esteemed spice in the culinary and perfume industries for its rich and enchanting fragrance. During the discovery of it, the one from Madagascar stands out as a richly fragranced product. Ground pods are integrated into vanilla extract and sugar-based syrup as a natural thickening agent. Madagascar vanilla pods enjoy worldwide renown. The vanilla cultivated on the island is Vanilla planifolia, a variety originating from Mexico and also cultivated on other islands in the Indian Ocean and in Indonesia. Furthermore, Madagascar vanilla paste is primarily employed in vanilla bakery and pastry recipes. It stands out as an excellent product for imparting an intense vanilla flavor instead of vanilla extract

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