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Vanilla pod is one of the most popular aromas in the world. It is an essential ingredient of Western cuisine, especially in desserts. Many bakery and vanilla bakery products are found. Vanilla comes from an exotic plant that is currently found in the tropics. Each pod has its own taste. This is due to several parameters, including origin, shape, type of soil, time of harvesting, and preparation.

Where does the vanilla pod come from?

Vanilla plantations are found in the tropical areas of the world where the climate is conducive to good vanber growth. These vanilla production areas are also known for the production of coffee, cocoa and spices. In these areas, temperatures are warm all year round, rainfall and soil conditions are perfect for rent. Among the main vanilla producing countries in the world, we can mention among others Madagascar, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Comoros, Uganda, China, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Papua New -Guinée, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Mexico was the first producer of vanilla until the 19th century.

With the discovery of the manual pollination method of vanber flowers, the vanilla pod culture extends to the four corners of the globe. Indonesia and Madagascar have become the largest vanilla producers. Today, the first place returns to Madagascar with an annual export of 1500–2000 tons of vanilla pods.

What are the different varieties of vanilla pod ?

What are the peculiarities of vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is the second-most-used vanilla product after vanilla clove. Individuals, mouth professionals and industrialists use vanilla extract in their vanilla products. Vanilla extract is obtained by infusing vanilla cloves in an alcohol and water solution. There are two main methods for extracting vanilla pod aroma: maceration extraction and percolation extraction. Vanilla extract also takes the natural color of vanilla cloves infused in water and alcohol. Vanilla extract can not be colorless or clear. The clear vanilla extract is simply an artificial product. Today, extracts from
The most popular vanilla are obtained from the vanilla pods of Madagascar, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia and Uganda.

Vanillin is the main aromatic compound of pure vanilla extract. But vanilla also contains several hundred additional aromatic compounds. It is this complex and deep aroma of vanilla that makes the particularity of vanilla extract. Some vanilla extracts contain starch, corn syrup or sugar. Faced with the rise of the price of vanilla over the last decade, many users have fallen to the artificial vanilla pod aroma. However, the artificial vanilla aroma is synthetic vanilla. This aromatic compound is synthesized from

What are the standards for pure vanilla extract?

The use of alcohol is essential for extracting natural aromas. The aroma and hue of vanilla clove are transferred to alcohol. The substance obtained is pure vanilla extract. According to the FDA, the vanilla extract must contain a minimum of 35% alcohol, 65% water and 100 grams of vanilla cloves per liter. In Europe, there is regulation on the content of vanilla pods in vanilla extract. Indeed, the vanilla extract must have a content of 1.6 to 2.0% in vanillin.

Do all vanilla pods have the same taste?

Already, it should be known that all vanilla pods are different from their variety, origin, form, the type of soil on which they grow, the moment of their harvest and the method of preparation. Suddenly, every different terroir cod does not have the same taste. The vanilla pod of Madagascar comes from a traditional ripening technique, which gives it a rich and creamy aroma. Tahiti vanilla develops a chocolate and floral aroma. Mexico’s vanilla bean has a rich and soft aroma with a smoked note. And we must believe that it is this taste diversity that makes vanilla popular with consumers.

For vanilla extract, the type of alcohol used makes each product unique. Some vanilla processing industries use vodka to extract vanilla aroma. The use of this solvent is common because of its taste and high alcohol level. Others use white rum for vanilla extract, which is the case of Malagasy and Reunion producers. Note that the Vanilla Bourbon appellation does not refer to Rum Bourbon, but to the former name of the island of Reunion.


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