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What can we say about the quality of Madagascar vanilla?

Vanilla Pod : the Madagascar vanilla bean pods you can buy safe on Levanillier.com, the world leading vanilla bean pods exporter. Vanilla pod is widely used in cooking by individuals and gastronomy professionals. The World Vanilla Course has not stopped increasing in the past decade. This does not prevent people from consuming vanilla products, both at home and outside. There is pure vanilla in ice cream, pastries, treats, desserts and even dishes. Vanilla on the big island is one of the most sought after products in the world. The vanilla of the red island is also known as Vanilla Bourbon, an appellation reserved for pods from the island countries of the Indian Ocean.

Where does vanilla come from?

Central America, notably Mexico, is the region where vanilla has been discovered for the first time. Mexico was for a long time the world’s leading vanilla producer. The discovery of manual pollination around 1841 changed the vanilla trade. Vanilla cultivation earns most countries in tropical regions, including island countries. Today, most of the vanilla available in trade comes from Madagascar, Indonesia, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Reunion, Mauritius, Uganda, Mexico and China. Planning variety represents almost 90% of world vanilla production. Madagascar is the leading vanilla producer in the world.

Why buy Madagascar vanilla?

The Madagascar vanilla pod is part of Bourbon vanilla. This appellation refers to the variety planned cultivated and treated according to the traditional method on Bourbon Island, an old name of Reunion Island. The method of preparing bourbon vanilla makes it possible to develop the entire flavor and the aromatic complexity of the vanilla pod. Natural vanilla is made up of more than 200 aromatic principles while artificial vanilla contains only vanillin. This cultural tradition has been transmitted in the neighboring islands. The climatic conditions of Madagascar are favorable to the culture of many spices and herbs such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon and of course vanilla. The terroir brought its personal touch to differentiate the vanilla from Madagascar from other vanilla.

Vanilla: Sustainable and natural source

In recent years, exporters are ensuring that Madagascar vanilla is of sustainable and entirely natural sources, that is to say gluten-free and GMO-free. And respect for tradition on the refining of vanilla pods has maintained the exceptional quality of Madagascar vanilla pods. Madagascar vanilla bean pods is known worldwide for its high vanillin level and its humidity content of 30-35%.

What is the quality of Madagascar vanilla bean pod?

The best quality Madagascar vanilla pods are available in two qualities. On the one hand, there is the Grade Vanilla which is high -end quality vanilla. You can also find this exceptional pod under the Vanilla Black Gourmet of Madagascar. On the other hand, we have the Grade B vanilla bean pod which is of a quality slightly lower than the Grade A. These two vanillas are highly sought after by vanilla lovers, professionals in the food profession and gourmets for their exceptional quality.

What are the peculiarities of Grade A vanilla bean pods ?

The Grade A vanilla is better known as the “Gourmet Black Vanilla”. The pod has a perfect texture with a beautiful black color. The oily texture reflects the right vanillin content. It measures on average 13 to 16 cm in length. Gourmet vanilla bean pods develops a strong and full perfume with notes of chocolate. The flavor of gourmet vanilla is creamy, warm and slightly sweet.

What are the peculiarities of Grade B vanilla pods ?

Grade B quality vanilla pods or brown vanilla (TK) are immediately recognizable by its dark brown color with red wakes on certain pods. Their size can vary from harvest to another and from season to season. They are between 10 and 14 cm in length. Grade B vanilla develops a creamy, warm, sweet and chocolatey flavor and an intense aroma of vanilla.

What is the shelf life of the vanilla pods?

The vanilla pods found in the trade are already packed in sealed or vacuum bags. This packaging guarantees the freshness of the aromas. First quality pods are generally packaged in a glass tube. When the pods are properly sealed under vacuum, they can last about 2 years. In normal storage conditions, the vanilla pod can be kept for 6 to 12 months.

How to keep the vanilla bean pods ?

Vanilla pod is a very expensive product especially when it is grade a or grade B quality. It is thus imperative to make arrangements after each use to extend the vanilla flavor and avoid the rotting of the remaining pods. To this end, it is recommended to always keep the vanilla pods in an airtight box. We place everything in a dry and dark place.

How to use the vanilla bean pod in the kitchen?

Given the high cost of the vanilla pod, everyone tries to use the pod in its entirety so as not to waste their money. To add the vanilla bean pod to the recipes, you have to split the pod and scrape the grains. The more vanilla grains the pod, the better its quality. You can also use the pod by cutting it out before incorporating it into the recipes.

What is the use of the vanilla pod?

Vanilla is widely used to make sweet recipes, in pastry and desserts. Vanilla is used to flavor burned creams, ice creams, cakes, cupcakes, sides, cookies, English creams, frosting, drinks, etc. Apart from food use, the use of vanilla bean pods is common in perfumery, the manufacture of soaps and lotions, or even brewing.

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